Founder & Mind Therapist

Be guided by our in-house Unconscious Mind Therapist Robert Hisee. Robert has worked with a number of high profile clients to help them get on the path to weight-loss, freedom and success. Throughout our retreat, Robert will be taking everyone through daily guided meditation sessions. 

Using U.M.T. (Unconscious Mind Therapy) Robert is able to help you overcome depression, cure fears and phobias, help with anxiety issues, alleviate sleeping problems, such as insomnia, stop pain during labour, boost confidence, aid weight loss, assist with relationship issues, beat addictions, conquer eating disorders, to name just a few.

A favourite with many celebrities and high profile clients, Robert is the perfect positive influence to keep you guided and set to continue to a happy and successful life. Making him the UK’s No.1 Unconscious Mind Therapist.



Gary Lewis

Meet Gary our talented tennis coach. Bringing the fun onto the courts with his unique moves and witty humour and charm. Let Gary help you fall in love with tennis, master the art of serving, volleying and rallying whilst gaining knowledge and know how on the techniques required to ace each and every game.