To make further changes to your life many clients are keen to remove deep rooted limitations holding them back. Whilst at Robert Hisee’s Holistic Retreat it is the perfect opportunity to have a private session with Robert to address private/personal issues on a one to one basis or book in for a massage/holistic treatment with our holistic therapist to pamper and unwind. 



If you have a personal/private issue or limitation holding you back, a private session with leading Unconscious Mind Therapist is the perfect solution to regaining hold of your life. Perhaps you have a phobia, fear, anxiety, depression or deeper rooted weight issue that you would like to overcome with the help of Robert Hisee. Scheduled into your week-long programme you will sit down with Robert for one of his leading Unconscious Mind Therapy sessions at a highly discounted rate. A session not to be missed!



As part of your new healthy approach to living it is important to nourish and rejuvenate your body. As an essential element of overall health, allow your body to relax, unwind and reenergize with an holistic treatment to end your day. Let our holistic therapist pamper you with a range of treatments including holistic massages and facials.  



Meet with our naturopathic nutritionist for a one to one session to cater to your specific lifestyle and dietary needs. Gain insight and understanding into the nutritional needs for your health and wellbeing. 

If you would like to book in for one of these additional sessions please add this to the notes on the booking request form and we will send you more info.